1s win again

by Ian Burrows 0 Comments

Travellers won the toss and wisely elected to bat. Although there were
plenty of runs on offer, wickets fell frequently enough to stifle any hopes
of posting a 200 plus score. There were two partnerships of note, S.
Choudhury (55) and D. Surridge (34) and then S. Choudhury and D. Barnes
(29). All three batted well with Choudhury giving the small crowd plenty to
distract them from their phones and idle chat as the ball flew from his
blade. The tail wagged sufficiently, batting with sense to ensure they
reached the 45th over and delivered a competitive total of 189 on a slow
Lords(hill) pitch.

The Winterbourne innings never really got started as they found scoring
difficult on a slowing and lowering pitch. With the sun shining on his
head, I. Burrows gave a master class in how to control the ball and the
batsmen, producing figures of 1 for 14. C. Hilier matched the bowling
performance at the other end and Travellers were dominant in the first half
of their opponent’s innings. Hiller finished with scrumptious figures of 3
for 12 (from 9.1 overs). Despite a small partnership that briefly
threatened to spark the Winterbourne innings into life, it was Travellers’
fielding and bowling that ensured victory. B. Stroud recreated a spell of
bowling from a sepia age when hair was fashionable, ending up with 4 for
34. And so it was, Winterbourne were bowled out for 149.




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