Good win for first team

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After two consecutive weeks of match abandoned due to rain, Trav’s 1’s got
their chance to go out and do what they like the most. The day was bright
and sunny to start with, though there was a wet wicket from the previous
night’s shower and a grassy and slow outfield. Trav’s won the toss and
decided to field first; an obvious call considering the conditions.

We started off well with Ian Burrows and Matt Brown keeping things tight,
with Matt particularly getting good movement from the pitch. We had our
first breakthrough in 5th over when Iant got their No 1 bat with 6 runs on
board. Wickets fell in quick succession after this – much to the credit of
good bowling and a bit to poor shot selection from the opponents. At the
end of the15th over our opponents were 33 for 6. At this point a target
below 100 to chase was looking most likely for us. Our first change in
bowling brought in Bill Stroud, he was followed by Febin George, Jamie
Simpson and Shiv Choudhary with all supporting the good start with more
good bowling. Though getting runs was tight, we failed to continue taking
wickets. Their No 7 (33) and No 8 (61*) batsmen had a 50 run partnership in
the next 20 Overs. Score at this stage was 83 for 6 in 35 overs. With some
acceleration in the end (last 5 overs going for 43 Runs) opponents ended
their innings at 140 for 9. Matt finished with his best economical figures
of the season 10(O)-5(M)-10(R)-3(W). Ian took 1 wicket while Shiv Choudhary
and Bill took 2 each.

Chasing 141 to win, Trav’s lost their 1st wicket in the 3rd over with 3
runs on board. Abhijit Jagadeesh (13) joined Ed Hardwicke (16) at the
center for a brief partnership of 18 runs before Abhijit was bowled in 9th
over with 21 runs on board. Roshan Radhakrishnan joined Ed at the center.
It was a difficult pitch to bat on, some balls were keeping low even when
pitched short and runs were difficult to score like in the first innings.
Need of the hour was to stay focused and build partnerships. Ed and Roshan
had a partnership of 38 runs before Ed was caught behind the wicket. Score
at this stage was 59 for 3 in 26 Overs. Though we had wickets in hand the
run rate was low (2.2 RPO) and the required rate had gone up from 3.1 RPO
at the start of the innings to 4.3 RPO. With 81 needed from 114 balls, Shiv
joined Roshan at the center and played sensible cricket by rotating strike
and both hitting boundaries regularly. Roshan was run out when he had a mix
up with Shiv, he made 68 (Match winning innings!). Shiv (37*) finally took
us past the target in the 41st over.

Some (fun) facts from the match:

1. A total of 13 catches were dropped in the match.

2. Opponents dropped 11, almost all them easy chances.

3. We dropped 2, one difficult chance the other a dolly (Captain not so
leading from the front).

4. When an opponent player dropped a catch their captain shouted “Catches
win matches” only to drop a catch himself in the next over. This time the
umpire (me) shouted “Catches win matches”. Some laughed but the captain
(who dropped the catch) definitely didn’t.

5. Rain stopped the 1st innings in 39th over, we had an early tea to come
back and finish the 1st innings.

6. We spent almost 15-20 (?) minutes searching for the ball in bushes. No
penalties luckily for the bowling team (Trav’s)

7. Opponent bats were clueless while facing Matt. Abhijit, not wanting to
be left out was equally clueless during his innings.

8. Roshan controlled his aggressive batting style in the conditions he
usually hates and got his season best individual score.

9. Ed scored his 16 runs from 89 balls. Rock solid. Blue head.

10. Shiv surprisingly didn’t get stumped by coming down the wicket for the

11. Scorecard says Graham Baker instead of Febin George. Will the real Slim
Shady please stand up ?


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