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We held a well attended meeting last night at which we thanked retiring
captains and officers for all their hard work. We presented flowers to
Julie as a special thank you for her work over several years as secretary.

Officers for the next year were appointed as follows:

Chairman and secretary: Ian Burrows
Vice chairman: Nigel Keir
First team captain: Ed Hardwicke
Second team captain: Steve Noton
Indoor captain: Bob Kinnear
Treasurer: Ludo Kowalewski
Social secretary: Abhijit Jagadeesh
Web-master: Michael Dodd

Other decisions of immediate interest:

– to introduce a £20 annual membership. For those who pay this match
fees will remain £10. For anyone who does not pay match fee to be £12.
Students, Under 18s and unwaged to pay £5 with no annual charge
– to seriously look into gaining use of the upstairs area and balcony
for teas etc on match days
– to look at alternative venues for nets to provide more lanes so that
one can have a definite coaching emphasis
– to look in to restarting some sort of midweek cricket in the season
– to support possible changes to league rules of 40 overs per side in
Regional divisions (still 45 in County divisions) and maximum overs per
bowler to be 20% of total
– To support 1.00 start time in County leagues and 1.30 in Regional but
argue that it should be 1.00 in both
– to agree the members charter, which was circulated prior to the
meeting and will now be posted on the website

All members were urged to be on the look out for potential new members. A
recruiting poster is available from me if anyone can display it.

The meeting concluded with excellent refreshments!

Ian Burrows

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