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Changes agreed at League AGM

by Ian Burrows 0 Comments

The Hampshire league AGM last night discussed a range of changes to rules
for next season: some proposed by clubs and some by the committee. The main
changes agreed were:

– All matches to have a default start time of 1.00 (though teams can
request a time up to 2.00). We had seconded this motion.
– Regional leagues to be 40 overs per side
– No bowler to bowl more than 20% of the total overs so 9 per bowler for
1s next season and 8 for 2s
– Players can be loaned between teams: so if we have a surplus and the
opposition, or another local team, are short we could offer surplus players
a game. It remains to be seen how this will work in practice but it could
– If rain intervenes 3.5 minutes per over per team will be allowed when
adjusting the overs to be played. This will give more flexibility to
arrange a delayed start. or adjust overs after the game has begun

Proposals rejected included not re-bowling wides in regional divisions,
making regional division 3 games 35 overs per side and reducing all
divisions to 10 teams. Making divisions 10 teams was a close vote and was,
in the end, virtually a vote of confidence in the committee, who strongly
opposed the idea!

Indoor struggles continue

by Ian Burrows 0 Comments

After defeating them last time out in the cup the indoor team faced
University B again in the league. Unfortunately this time the result did
not go in our favour. We batted first but lost wickets too easily and were
soon 3 down. Only Ed with 22 got going and our score of 86 was mainly down
to extras. We bowled much better than we batted with Matt, Chris and Shiv
all on target and, like our opponents, got 3 quick wickets. However the
University numbers 4 and 5 settled in and we were not able to strike again,
losing by 3 wickets.