Teams for May 5th, first match

by Ian Burrows 1 Comment

Game: 1st XI v Pylewell Park (a)

Postcode: SO41 5SJ

Meet: 1230 for a 1300 start 

  1. Ed Hardwicke (c)
  2. Dave Surridge
  3. Abhijit Jagadeesh
  4. Shiv Choudhury
  5. Hars Kumar
  6. Febin George
  7. Chris Hillier
  8. Irfan Khan
  9. Matt Brown
  10. John Denham (wk)
  11. Ramazan


Game: 2nd XI v Ashford Hill 2nd XI (h)

Postcode: SO16 8FA

Meet: 1215 for a 1300 start 

  1. Bill Stroud
  2. Kev Sims
  3. Jacob Samuel
  4. Derek Barnes
  5. Kev Allen
  6. Dave Allen
  7. Simon Allen
  8. Shane Smith
  9. Lee Fitzpatrick
  10. Liam Rideout
  11. Ian Burrows


Good luck to everyone. Please ensure you arrive in good time.

If you are not playing please ensure you have let me know your availability for May 12th.


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