Teams for Saturday 26 May 2018

by Ian Burrows 0 Comments

1st XI v Burley 1st (H). Meet at 12.15.

  1. E. Hardwicke (c)
  2. J. Denham (wk)
  3. S. Choudhury
  4. A. Jagadeesh
  5. D. Barnes
  6. F. George
  7. P. Salaskar
  8. B. Stroud
  9. M. Brown
  10. I. Khan
  11. I. Burrows


2nd XI v Hursley Park 4th XI (A). Meet at 12.30 at SO21 2JL.

  1. S. Noton (c)
  2. G. Baker (wk)
  3. C. Nicholls
  4. S. Allen
  5. K. Sims
  6. K. Allen
  7. S. Smith
  8. J. Samuel
  9. D. Wilson
  10. L. Fitzpatrick
  11. J. Cox

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