Return to winning ways for second team

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Southampton Travellers II vs Farley II

Having lost the toss (again!), Farley elected to bat. The openers made
steady progress off tight bowling from Fitzpatrick and Smith. First change
saw the reurn of Banerjee and newcomer Uzair Khan. The first wicket fell in
the 13th over, Banerjee finding some turn on a flat Lordshill pitch. Farley
veteran Ian Swain failed to make a start and was clean bowled by Khans’
slower ball. The next wicket came after the batsmen decided to leave a
‘Banerjee special’ that turned a mile to hit middle stump. The drinks break
came with Farley on 79-3. The Farley number 4 started off well hitting the
ball hard and scoring a couple of boundaries. A bowling change brought on
Captain Noton to accompany Banerjee and the big hitting number 4 was caught
after scoring 21. Banerjee completed his spell with a wicket on his final
delivery. Dave Allen took up where Banerjee left off taking a wicket with
his first ball. The remaining batsmen offered some resistance but the
wickets kept falling and Farley were eventually all out for 159 in the 40th
over. Fitzpatrick, Smith, Noton and Allen all finished with a wicket apiece
and Banerjee and Khan got 3 each.

Baker and Nicholls started well for Travellers, scoring 27 off the first 3
overs. Baker played some fine shots before being caught for 29 in the 9th
over. Nicholls also hit a number of fours but failed to motor on after
making a good start(19). The Farley bowling could accurately be described
as ‘pedestrian’ but this didn’t seem to bother newcomer Khan who batted
well to make 20 on his debut. The Travellers middle order found the slow
loopy bowling difficult to get away with Smith and Allen(K) out for 5 and 1
respectively. Smith was arguably out twice after he caught the ball which
bounced up off his pad – it’s in the book as LBW! Allen(D) made a steady
start, racing to 10 off 38 deliveries. He did pick up the pace and was on
the fortunate side of a couple of dropped catches. He was eventually
stumped for 23. Leigh Sign on the other hand was enjoying the slow bowling.
Next up for Travellers was Jordan Payne who also liked the slow bowling.
Sign and Payne never looked in any trouble and Sign hit the winning four in
the 39th over. Sign and Payne made 38 and 16 respectively, both not out.
Excellent win and maximum points.

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