Seconds win away

by Ian Burrows 0 Comments

Another sweltering Saturday, this time, Wide Lane at 930 in the morning.
Smith and Cox opened the bowling against IBM Hursley III with the no.1
batsman out, caught behind off Cox’s bowling in the 7th over with the score
on 14. IBMs Cox batted well with the diminutive Cocking, who looked good
until he nicked the ball off Hendersons bowling – caught behind for 17. Cox
was proving stubborn but eventually fell to a Noton special – bowled out
for 34. Dave Allen had a brief spell, bowling two waist high no balls in
his first over. The IBM middle order featured a number of colts who put up
little resistance to Travs secret weapon…Kev Sims off 2 paces. Sims’
looping balls proved too much and he rampaged through the middle order
taking 4 for 34 off 8. Henderson got the 9th wicket and Kev Allen took a
great running catch in the deep off Notons bowling to end the innings with
159 on the board.

Clive Nicholls had appeared in time to open the batting with Kev Allen.
They made a steady start, both with luck on their side after false shots
falling short of fielders. The luck ran out in the 6th over with Nicholls
out for 3. Simon Allen and Kev Allen advanced the score past 50 with a
range of shots crossing the boundary line. By this time the sun was at its
hottest and running between the wickets was proving hard work for the
batsmen. Undeterred, they took the score to 90 at which point Kev Allen was
caught for 43. Shane Smith made a promising start but a run out saw him
departing the field for 6. Dave Allen played a supportive role for Simon
Allen’s batting with the target being reached in the 29th over. Simon Allen
86 not out and a 7 wicket victory to Travs.

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