Great win for First team

by Ian Burrows 3 Comments

This is not a usual match report! Let’s for a change have the report
through the perception/words of a “fictional” opponent wicket keeper!

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this report are NOT a sincere attempt to be
subtle. Our “fictional” wicket keeper is NOT based on anyone living, dead
or the opponent’s wicket keeper. Any resemblance/similarities is purely
coincidental *wink* *wink*

Lets start….

In the “fictional” opponent wicket keeper’s head:

“Oh the captain won the toss and wants to bat first! The pitch looks dry,
outfield looks fast and it’s so warm. Better to bat first! What! Trav’s are
only 10? This will be Easy peasy lemon squeezy!”

(After 15 overs): “Steady start. 30 runs on board for the loss of 1 wicket.
This is good.”

(After 25 overs): “oops! 2 quick wickets! But we are scoring at good rate
(looks at the scoreboard) ah 103 for 4 that’s good !”

(At around 30th overs): “Oops another one down, my turn to bat ! Hurray !”

(At around 35th over): “Damn that was a good slow delivery. Let me walk to
the bowler and behave unpleasantly!” (Unpleasant behaviour follows) “I am
sure I have broken the bowler’s confidence!

(After few deliveries): “Let me smack him out of the park…. Damn, he yorked
me! Let me pretend nothing happened and walk away!”

(At the end of 45th over): Looking at the scoreboard “183 runs for 8
wickets! Sighs… We can beat them. We are at the top of the table for a

***************** Tea’s Break ******************

(After 2nd innings 7th over): “Gosh these openers are playing carefully and
scoring at a decent rate!”

(After the fall of 1st wicket of jack corbet (6)): “There you go… I saw it
coming. They got only 25!”

(At around 15th over): “Let me be nasty to the batsman for no reason!”

(After a shot was played): “That’s a F*****g Ugly shot… this F*****g C***
cant bat”

(In his head): “Did the batsman hear that? I am sure he did … I was loud.
Let me do the same to other bat as well”

(After the fall of second wicket (Abhijit 17): “53 for 2 after 18 overs! I
knew these T**** cant bat!”

(Around 28th over): “oops I fell over”…“Oh! The bat is checking if I am
ok”… “Let me be nasty to him”… (Sarcastically) “Do I look ok to you?”

(Around 35th over): “These guys are building little partnerships”

(After 39th Over): “Damn they need only 26 from 6 overs!”

(After 43rd over): “They need only 3 from 12 balls! How did we end up here!”

(After the winning run): “Is this for real! I hate this! Let me not shake
hands with anybody! Let me ignore this handshake from this good man! Let me
ignore the drinks offer from these guys… let me just walk away…! I don’t
care if they think I am sore looser!”

Back in reality:

Amazing team effort. Good bowling contributions by Irfan, Chris, Ian and
Shiv C. Valuable contribution and partnerships among Febin, Shane, Shiv C,
Prathamesh and Chris. Finally an amazing finish by Ian and Irfan!

P.S: Cricket is a gentleman’s game! Don’t be like our “fictional” wicket
keeper. *wink* *wink*


Comments ( 3 )

  1. Roshan
    post this in twitter tagging paultons
  2. Roshan
    An amazing win against @PaultonsCC with an extraordinary Gentleman(?) WicketKeeper :)
  3. Hmm...
    From a player at a fellow CD4W team - this sounds extremely familiar!

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