Jithin the Juggernaut

by Ian Burrows 0 Comments

With a strong 11 announced, there didn’t seem to be any clear opening
batsmen… nonetheless we won the toss and decided to bat. It proved to be
an inspired decision with Jithin, a late entrant to the team, hitting 111
before being stumped in the death overs. Valuable contributions from Kartik
(26), Dave A (37 not out) and Simon A (30) got the 2’s to a very healthy
total of 249-5 at the end of the innings. A big mention goes to Dave A who
was able to dispatch a maximum over the short boundary nets to hit a “£50k
Mercedes with only 3,000 miles on the clock”, it was a smashing shot…

With a very short offside boundary, the bowlers delivered with a
disciplined line which didn’t allow Sarisbury Green the same opportunities
as us. After regular wickets throughout the innings from Shiv, Kartik and
Jithin, their number three was hanging around making 74. Jordan, starting a
great five over spell with a wicket maiden, then took the prized wicket of
the number three batsmen. A well earned 58 run win.


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