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(Updated) Teams for Saturday 19 May 2018

1st v Whiteparish (away) – meet at 1230 at (SP5 2SG)

  1. E. Hardwicke (c)
  2. J. Denham (wk)
  3. S. Choudhury
  4. C. Hillier
  5. D. Surridge
  6. B. Stroud
  7. I. Khan
  8. M. Brown
  9. D. Barnes
  10. C. Ashdown
  11. A. Jagadeesh


2nd v Trojans III (home) – meet at 1215  (SO53 2FH)

  1. S. Noton (c)
  2. S. Allen
  3. J. Samuels
  4. G. Baker
  5. K. Sims
  6. L. Kowalewski
  7. L. Sign
  8. S. Smith
  9. P. Ince
  10. I. Burrows
  11. C. Nicholls


Please note Ian Burrows is offline all week so if you have any issues contact Ed (edhardwicke@gmail.com) or Steve (stephen.noton@yahoo.co.uk).




1st XI Team Saturday 5 May (updated)

Game: 1st XI v Pylewell Park (a)

Postcode: SO41 5SJ

Meet: 1230 for a 1300 start 

  1. Ed Hardwicke (c)
  2. Dave Surridge
  3. Abhijit Jagadeesh
  4. Shiv Choudhury
  5. Chris Hillier
  6. Febin George
  7. Hars Kumar
  8. John Denham (wk)
  9. Bill Stroud
  10. Matt Brown
  11. Irfan Khan

Please arrive at the ground no later than 1230.

Travellers Presentation Meal

Travellers gathered last night at Casa Brasil for a post-season awards presentation meal. It was an enjoyable evening at a lively venue so thanks to Abhijit for getting it organised.

Once we had eaten Bill organised a rare moment of quiet in the restaurant so that we could present trophies to our 3 winners, all of whom were pleased to have their efforts acknowledged and thanked people for voting for them (and in Lee’s case for all the support he has received from a number of club members)!

The winners were:

First team Player of the Year: Abhijit Jagadeesh

Second Team Player of the Year: Lee Fitzpatrick

Clubman of the Year: Clive Nicholls