Southampton Travellers Cricket Club

Members Charter

The members charter has been prepared to ensure that all sporting and social activities at Southampton Travellers Cricket Club (STCC) are conducted fairly, sensibly and enjoyably. It is expected that everyone connected with STCC, member, player or spectator will adhere to the simple guidelines set out in this Charter. In outline expectations can be summarised as follows:

  • At all times act in a manner consistent with the spirit of the game and the reputation of STCC
  • Treat others as you would expect to be treated yourself

Players Code of Conduct

Playing members are expected at all times to act in a manner consistent with the Code of Conduct listed below and in line with the ECB Code of Conduct, Spirit of Cricket regulations and codes laid down by the Hampshire Cricket League (all available on request).

Players are responsible for their own discipline but Captains must accept responsibility for managing the tone on the field of play and as stated in the ECB code are ultimately responsible for the team’s behaviour as a whole.

We would however urge all players not to tolerate unacceptable behaviour. This may involve saying something at the time of the incident and/or reporting concerns to a club official for action to be taken.

STCC will particularly expect that its players, officials and members will:

  • Conduct themselves fairly and properly on and off the field of play
  • Respect fellow members, officials, club volunteers, opposing players and spectators

  • NOT engage in verbal or physical abuse or hostility to other players or members of the public

  • NOT dispute decisions nor react provocatively towards Umpires, whether playing or non-playing, at any time

  • NOT engage in crude, abusive and personal ‘sledging’ of other players or officials either verbally or using abusive hand signals

  • NOT engage in excessive and/or intimidating appeals

  • Look after Club equipment and facilities as if it were your own

  • Contribute as appropriate to practical tasks necessary before, during and after matches

Social Networking

Southampton Travellers Cricket club encourage interaction and discussion between players, officials, friends, in fact anyone interested in the club.

In all your use of email and social media concerning the club we ask that you are respectful in your comments to both fellow Travellers and opponents. We reserve the right to take action over anything we deem:

  • An abusive or personal attack
  • Unlawful, obscene or defamatory
  • Threatening, harassing or libellous
  • Embarrassing to any other person

Disciplinary action:

Should any member(s) be alleged to have breached the above code of conduct any disciplinary action will be considered by a group of 3 members who have no personal involvement in the incident, at least one of whom shall be an officer, normally the Chairman. They will consider all evidence and offer the person(s) complained about an opportunity to give their point of view. This committee will have the right to impose a suspension, or in a very serious case, to remove membership from the individual(s) concerned.